We are so excited that you are considering being a part of the WTG community! Before you commit to our program, we want to ensure you have all the information needed to make an informed decision. Please thoroughly read through the WTG Classroom Agreements, WTG Safety and Healthy Agreements, and the LWTech Agreements. If you have ANY questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email our volunteer registrar.

Woodinville Toddler Group (WTG) Classroom Agreements

  • I understand this program is a co-op. Parents and instructors are partners in making class time a success. I will do my part to responsibly supervise all children, participate in classroom responsibilities, and to be a courteous class participant.
  • Attendance is important. I will attend class on a regular basis, including in-class parenting education every other week, and fulfill my assigned jobs. If I need to be absent the day I am assigned a classroom job, then I will find another parent to substitute.
  • I will participate in at least one extra volunteer activity per year. Sign-ups for these activities will be available at the New Family Orientation, the Class Potluck, and then posted at WTG.
  • I will attend the required New Family Orientation and/or the Class Potluck prior to the start of the school year, and complete the required forms described in the orientation letter by my first day of class.

Woodinville Toddler Group (WTG) Safety and Health Agreements

  • I will read and abide by the WTG parent handbook, rules, and by-laws.
  • I will view the Prep Videos, Risk Management Safety Video, and AED Emergency Video (all on WTG website) and will familiarize myself with WTG’s emergency procedures and safety policies.
  • I will notify WTG of CPR and First Aid certification with the date of expiration when applicable.
  • I will notify WTG of any allergies for myself and my child(ren).
  • I will keep myself and my child home when signs of illness are present.
  • I am aware that it is my responsibility to let parents know if I do not want my child to be photographed. I will ask permission before taking pictures of their child during class time activities. I will only distribute or post photos of my own child(ren) on social media sites; I will post photos of other children only after I have express consent from each child’s parent/guardian.  


 Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) Agreements

  • I am the registered student at LWTech and am enrolled under a parenting education class at WTG.
  • I understand that attending evening parent education options are a requirement of the WTG and LWTech program. Families enrolled in 1 class are required to complete 9 parent ed. options per year. Families enrolled in 2 classes are required to complete 14 parent ed. options per year. I will complete a minimum of 3 evening parent ed. options each quarter to fulfill my requirements for credit. I understand that it is my responsibility to mark my attendance on the evening parenting education form each quarter.  
  • WTG has open enrollment throughout Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter, and 10 days into Spring Quarter. Families registering after LWTech’s 10th day of the current quarter will attend WTG, but not be registered with LWTech until the following full quarter. Regardless of my status with LWTech, I will attend evening parenting education events. See instructor or registrar for more details. 
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